Mini phlebectomy, also called ambulatory, micro, or stab avulsion phlebectomy is recommended when the size of a varicose vein is too great for sclerotherapy and the skin characteristics of the patient make it difficult for sclerotherapy to achieve the desired cosmetic results.

Mini phlebectomies can be performed alone, usually though they will compliment a saphenectomy (stripping) or an endovenous ablation to remove the residual varicosities and avoid or at least reduce subsequent sclerotherapy sessions.

Mini phlebectomy is an office based surgical technique performed under local anesthesia (unless it is done in combination with saphenectomy in the operating room). The procedure involves removing the varicose vein through minute punctures that require no stitches and leave no scars. A patient that opts for a mini-phlebectomy can walk out of the office and participate in normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.