The treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease depends on the symptoms and your overall physical condition. It can be lifestyle changes with medical treatment, open surgical repair (bypass) or minimally invasive endovascular repair (balloon angioplasty and/or stenting).

All three options have a place in contemporary practice and your vascular surgeon will guide you towards the best option.

Treatment is individualized for every patient, taking into account all the aforementioned factors. Claudication (pain when walking) is preferentially managed conservatively until it becomes life limiting.

As a general rule, minimal invasive techniques are preferred, reserving open surgery for their failures.

Minimally invasive techniques are not though always feasible. Open surgery can many times be a better and more durable option, particularly for patients of low medical risk.

A thorough discussion with your vascular surgeon, understanding the risk and alternatives and taking into account your personal opinion will guide the final decision.