It is important to be treated by a doctor if you have a foot ulcer or deformity. Close follow-up of diabetic foot patients is done because recovery may deteriorate despite minimal warning symptoms. Prolonged recovery times are common. Ulcer healing may require several weeks or months depending on the size and location of infection, adequacy of circulation and patient compliance. Severe infections may result in partial foot or below-knee amputation.

Endocrinologists, orthopedic, plastic and vascular surgeons are trained to evaluate and treat the conditions that affect diabetic foot problems. The endocrinologist or your family doctor will manage your blood sugars. The orthopedic surgeon will work on your foot bone deformities. The plastic surgeon will manage large skin defects. The vascular surgeon will predominately assess your circulation and suggest treatments that can improve blood flow to your feet. You can get informed on the minimally invasive available techniques for the management of peripheral arterial disease here. Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion by our tem.