What is the Diabetic Foot

People with diabetes are at risk for developing foot problems that can be potentially severe. With a diabetic foot, minor injuries can become major emergencies. A wound as small as a blister from wearing a shoe that's too tight can cause a lot of damage. Your feet can be affected by two conditions associated to diabetes: diabetic neuropathy (loss of nerve function and sensation...

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Prevention of Diabetic Foot Complication

Proper foot care can help prevent common diabetic foot problems and/or treat them before they cause serious complications. Here are some tips for good foot care: ...

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Treatment of Diabetic Foot

It is important to be treated by a doctor if you have a foot ulcer or deformity. Close follow-up of diabetic foot patients is done because recovery may deteriorate despite minimal warning symptoms. Prolonged recovery times are common. Ulcer healing may require several weeks or months depending on the size and location of infection, adequacy of circulation and patient compliance...

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